About Us

Steve Hawkins

Steve has been building and supporting websites since 1995. The tools have improved since that time and he has grown along with them. He’s just as adept at helping large Fortune 500 companies plan worldwide web applications as he is working with non‐profits and small companies just starting out. Over time, Steve has learned that proper planning and good tools are the keys to ensuring a site can be maintained and grown as the organization grows.


Bjorn Arneson

Bjorn has been building websites since 2000. First, by hand, then with Dreamweaver, now with Drupal. He obsesses over beautiful HTML and CSS and has a knack for translating a visual brand and layout to bits and bytes. Bjorn has experience working with independent artists, nonprofits, and non‐technical users to teach them how to keep their site current and relevant for key audiences. Bjorn blogs (very) occasionally at www.bjornarneson.com.


Monica Erickson 

Monica has 10+ years of experience in marketing and design working with a diverse set of clients. She is focused on organizing your content so that the story you want to tell is clear and concise. Monica is in love with design and enjoys bringing the content and design together to build great looking websites. Partnering with Bjorn and Steve she is fast becoming a bona fide Drupalista.